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1、 内胆采用PTFE或FEP材料 2、中间有钢丝和芳纶的多层缠绕和编织 3、 外层不锈钢丝,具备良好的外观和防腐性能 4、良好弯曲性能 5、应用于高温高压热流体、腐蚀性流体和冷热胶水的导流
1. 内胆采用尼龙或烯烃的树脂材料 2、中间层为多层钢丝和涤纶 3、外层聚氨酯包覆,良好的外观和耐磨作用 4、应用于涂装、纯净水,工具套装等

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Hebei Fulun fluid bellows & hoses technology co., Ltd. has more than 20 years on manufacturing hydraulic & high pressure hose. FULUN provides services for domestic and international and the product can satisfied demands on coal, metallurgy, electric power, construction materials, chimerical industry and transportation industry. FULUN stands in the front rank of hose manufacturing technology. Whether we are designing specialty hose assemblies for OEM applications or supporting our large network of fabricating distributors, FULUN has the dedication and resources to meet the needs of today’s industrial requirements. Ultimate customer service, quality engineered products and on-time shipments are our goal. Resin hose products manufactured by FULUN are used extensively in automotive, engineering machinery, machine tools, agricultural machinery, mining, paint spraying, aerospace, refrigeration and other industries of the hydraulic control system. Engineering and maintenance departments specify FULUN because of our ability to solve “problem” applications.
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