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Digitalization, Intellectualization, and Sustainable Development ---- The Print Pack Trends You Must Know!
Publish Date: 2022/08/17
Digitalization, Intellectualization, and Sustainable Development ---- The Print Pack Trends You Must Know!

The 29th South China International Exhibition on Printing Industry (Printing South China 2023) will be held on 2-4 March 2023 at Area A, China Import and Export Fair Complex, Guangzhou, PR China. The exhibition theme is “Smart Packaging Printing Prepares for Future”, there will be seven feature zones presenting the latest technology and products for the printing industry.

Keep Up With the Trends, Create Innovative Feature Zones

According to “The Future of Digital Printing to 2032”, a research conducted by Smithers, a global market research institute, the scale of the global digital printing market is estimated to reach US $136.7 billion by the end of 2022, showing that there is a huge market demand of digital printing.

In view of this, Printing South China 2023 will set up the [Digitalization and Application Zone], gathering various solutions to realize digitalization, helping enterprises consolidate their digitalization development, augment their capability for quick response to the market, enhance their control over operational cost, and further boost their production capacity.

Smart printing and the development of digitalization are closely related. [Smart & Automatic Packaging Printing Zone] presents the leading automation technologies and solutions which match the target market and helps enterprises to increase their productivity cost-effectively.

Besides, while the global community is paying extra attention to sustainable development, numerous printing enterprises would like to implement sustainability practices. We understand the market needs, so Printing South China will have five zones related to environmental protection, assisting buyers with new opportunities in the green market.

[Environmental Solutions for Packaging and Printing Zone] helps enterprises to save energy and reduce emissions, increase production efficiency, and promote the transformation of traditional enterprises.

[Corrugated Packaging Zone] Industry giants are going to showcase the most advanced corrugated production technology and equipment, assisting the packaging enterprises in keeping up with the low carbon market trend and driving the transformation and upgrade of the paper packaging industry.

[Flexible Packaging Technique and Equipment Zone] Compared with other packaging methods, flexible packaging has better performance while consuming less energy and resources. It also significantly reduces the cost of packaging, materials, and transportation.

[Paper Container Packaging Zone] This zone demonstrates environmentally friendly packaging equipment and technologies such as paper boxes, bags, cups, tableware, and compound materials. It aims to facilitate green development in food, catering, beverage, cosmetics, daily necessities, medicine, electronic products, and toys industries.

[Innovative Packaging Materials Zone] Join hands with well-known green and environmentally friendly packaging materials exhibitors to help companies increase production capacity and reduce energy consumption, satisfying buyers’ needs for packaging.

The Global Printpackers Sourcing Network is Officially Launched! Introducing a Brand New Sourcing Experience

As a comprehensive business trading platform serving the print pack industry, we introduced the Global Printpackers Sourcing Network in June. The network breaks the time and geographical boundaries, assists buyers in sourcing, discovering potential business partners anytime and anywhere, and further promoting business development.

With the needs of overseas buyers, the network has three special functions:

[Post Your Sourcing Needs] Buyers can post their sourcing needs online. Then our professional team will help to find potential business partners.

[Search for Exhibitors] Buyers can explore the ideal exhibitors by sorting out product categories or suppliers’ company names.

[Link Up for You] Our professional team will match buyers with the right supplier based on buyer’s’ requests.

Redeem your rewards of getting a USD 20 shopping or dining coupon by joining our network and successfully meet with one exhibitor.

Join us and register your sourcing needs now:

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