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Printing South China/Sino-Label 2023 received an enthusiastic response; industrial brands have joined in seizing the opportunity!
Publish Date: 2022/06/23
Printing South China/Sino-Label 2023 received an enthusiastic response; industrial brands have joined in seizing the opportunity!

Printing South China 2023 and Sino-Label 2023 will be held on 2-4 March 2023 at Area A, China Import and Export Fair Complex, Guangzhou, PR China.

Since its establishment in 1994, Printing South China/ Sino-Label has successfully held 28 sessions, and it has become a highly influential platform in South China for technology exchange and business trading for the printing and labeling industry.

The 2023 exhibition will continue to take pragmatic innovation as the starting point and focus on industrial hotspots, presenting a professional, efficient and innovative industry event through the O2O exhibition model.

Speed up at the beginning! Printing South China/Sino-Label 2023 turns a new page aggressively

Printing South China/Sino-Label, a one-stop print-pack-label show in China, gathers
market-leading manufacturers and suppliers. The show follows the trend of “digitalization, intellectualization, and sustainable development”. It and fully covers printing, labeling and packaging areas, which assists enterprises in meeting new market opportunities by upgrading their equipment.

Printing South China 2023 is steadily recruiting exhibitors. As of this week, many well-known industry suppliers have confirmed to be part of it:

Printing South China: Guowang, Jinbao, Zhongke, Horda, Yoco, Guangming, Xinwei, Cron, , Angfine, Changhong, Yasen, Shengtian, Huazhu, Jiayi, Fengchi, Hongming, Colorte, Dayuan, Zenbo, DLG, Shiheng, Ruida, Ruizhi, Shunxinlong, Beidemeike, Jiguo, Dakiou, Yongshun, Shengtu, HUC, Tianshan, Hengchengxiang, etc (in no particular order).
Sino-Label: Epson, Taiyo, Weigang, Omet, Runtianzhi, Haotian, Hanglobal, General Inkjet Printing, Luster, Cheermo, Soontomax, Dragon Foils, Darong, Pontex, Wanjie, Source MTR Printing, Hongsheng, Reborn, Rhyguan, Hyde, Jmetech, Caisheng, Zhilian, Hadesheng, Xinjinglu, BST China, Pulisi, YoungSun, Ruiou, Huiyue, Fuhui, Hua Da, etc (in no particular order).

These brands will bring new products and technologies to the show in 2023, creating an annual trading feast for printing and packaging factories, food factories, label factories, daily chemical products factories, soft packaging factories, cosmetics factories, electronic label factories, pharmaceutical factories, packaging and printing design factories, beverage or brewery factories, e-commerce, traders, etc.

Unique Highlights of Every Hall, Printing South China/Sino-Label Invites You to Explore Business Opportunities Together!

There will be 9 exhibition halls and 12 feature zones in Printing South China/Sino-Label 2023:

Printing South China (Hall 1.1/2.1/3.1/4.1/5.1)
【Digitalization and Application Zone】 The expo provides solutions which help enterprises to control the operation cost, improve the level of automation and shorten the production lead time through digital transformation.
【Smart & Automatic Packaging Printing Zone】 With the new era of intelligent development, the zone displays the leading automation technologies and solutions which match the target market and helps enterprises to increase their productivity cost-effectively.
【Paper Container Packaging Zone】 Due to the rapid development of the food delivery industry, the demand for paper container packaging keeps growing. To conform to market trends, the exhibition shows recycled and sustainable ideas for encouraging green development.
【Innovative Packaging Materials Zone】 The exhibition joins with well-known green and environmentally friendly packaging materials exhibitors to help companies increase production capacity and reduce energy consumption, and solve buyers' concerns.
【Flexible Packaging Technique and Equipment Zone】 The focus on cutting-edge packaging technology and equipment, breaking through the bottleneck of flexible packaging printing technology development, and maximizing the value of flexible packaging.
【Corrugated Packaging Zone】 Industry giants showcase the most advanced corrugated production technology and equipment, providing a comprehensive outlook of the corrugated packaging industry today and building a one-stop platform for information exchange and sourcing.
【Environmental Solutions for Packaging and Printing Zone】 Keeping up with the sustainable and recyclable green development trend, the show deeply focuses on the environmental solutions for packaging and printing, help enterprises to save energy and reduce emissions, promotes the upgrading and transformation of traditional enterprises, and promote the development of the circular economy.

Sino-Label (Hall 2.2/3.2/4.2/5.2)
【Digital Label Printing Zone】 Grasp the market trend, digital printing technology fulfills the need for customization and leads the end-product industry to get into the era of digitalization.
【RFID Smart Zone】 To tap into the high potential market of RFID labels, comprehensive innovative anti-counterfeit and tracking solutions are provided to the entire supply chain.
【Environmental Flexography Printing Zone】 The expo focuses on the latest flexography printing technology and offers green and environmental solutions. It helps enterprises to save energy, reduce emissions and promote green development among the industry.
【Green Label Material Zone】 The zone gathers over 100 exhibits, such as high-quality innovative inks, films, foils, papers, stickers and other printing consumables products to help printing, packaging and labeling manufacturers reduce costs and increase efficiency.
【Anti-counterfeiting Traceability Zone】 The expo provides a one-stop solution for solving industry pain points, covering anti-counterfeiting materials, equipment, platforms and solutions to help brand protection, anti-channeling traceability and digital marketing.

Every year, the show attracts numerous top packaging and renowned brand owners to visit and source:

Top packaging enterprises: YUTO, MYS, Guanwei, Lukka, Nine Stars, Xiamen Hexing, DFP, Jinzhicai, Stora Enso, Baixinglong, New Grand Long, Guangxizhenlong Colour Printing & Packing, KY, Hucais, MPS, Paxar Packaging, Zhengye Package, etc (in no particular order).

Renowned brand owners: Kao, Unilever, Gree Electric, Coca-Cola, Siemens, Kraft, Wong Lo Kat, P&G, Amway, Dabao, L’OREAL, Huawei, Hsu Fu Chi, CR Pharmaceutical, TCL, Chuangwei, Orion, Eastroc Beverage, Hershey’s, Panasonic, Jia duobao, Midea, Haier, Jianlibao, Lee Kum Kee, etc (in no particular order).

Upgrade Online and Offline Services, Strengthen the Advantages of Exhibiting at Printing South China/Sino-Label

4-in-1 Show, Abundant Resources
Printing South China and Sino-Label once again join forces with Sino-Pack and PACK-INNO, fully covering the print-to-pack industry and having strong connections with local and overseas suppliers and buyers. The exhibition area is expected to have 140,000 sqm.

Connect Your Business Partners Online and Offline All Year Round
The printing and labeling industry faces many challenges in 2022, but Printing South China/Sino-Label would like to turn challenges into opportunities. We assist our exhibitors in exploring new market opportunities through organizing various online and offline campaigns, such as “Business Matching”, “Live Streaming”, and “Webinar”.

Printing South China/Sino-Label 2023 fully upgrades the online business matching platform, breaking the time and geographical boundaries, to provide “1 vs 1 Matching Service” for suppliers and buyers, promoting the cooperation and development of upstream and downstream companies.

All Round Media - Enhance the Promotion of Exhibition, Exhibitors and Exhibits
Printing South China/Sino-Label has accumulated years of experience and resources in working with industry media. We make good use of many mass media platforms, like WeChat, Weibo, TikTok, and TouTiao, to increase the show influence and the promotion power of exhibitors and their products. We also provide exhibitors with various promotion campaigns throughout the pre-show, on-show, and post-show period, such as “New Product Release”, “Exhibits First Look”, and “New Stars Coming”, which allow exhibitors to get more exposure and complete transactions easier.
All Round Media - Enhance the Promotion of Exhibition, Exhibitors and Exhibits

More show information, please follow:

Website: | www.SinoLabelExpo
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Twitter: @PrintingSChina | @SinoLabel
LinkedIn: @PrintingSouthChina | @SinoLabel

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