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Production line linkage - real demonstration of the whole process of intelligent manufacturing of boutique box
Activity Introduction:
  • The first domestic exhibition real demonstration of the whole process of intelligent manufacturing of high-quality box;
  • Production line linkage: pre-press processing - paper sorting - digital printing - laminating - post-press efficiency - die-cutting bronzing - box forming - quality inspection - AGV - system integration technology;
  • Brings together the leading and comprehensive intelligent printing and packaging technology at home and abroad;
  • The current application and development trends of RFID in intelligent packaging and warehousing logistics
  • The perfect combination of Internet of Things, big data, artificial intelligence and other new-generation information technology with printing automation technology;
  • Can be landed lean production technology and products, help printing package enterprises reduce costs and increase efficiency

2022 RFID Application Trends and Development Conference
  • Opportunities and challenges facing RFID
  • RFID technology + smart retail leads digital intelligence
  • Application of new era innovative RFID technology in warehousing and logistics.
  • RFID innovative application practice and exploration
  • RFID technology helps printing to become a “sunrise industry”
  • RFID enables the transformation and upgrading of the garment industry.
  • Development trend and application of RFID in industry.

Innovative Design and Color Management
  • Carbon Neutrality Innovative Design That Tends To Chinese Humanistic Feelings
  • How Companies Establish G7 Color System

The 5th Anti-Counterfeit Intelligent Tracing Technology Conference
  • Commodity "Second Generation ID Card" -- National Standard Structure 3D Code, New Driving force of anti-counterfeiting traceability
  • Internet of Things security and intelligent packaging
  • In-depth application of digital anti-counterfeiting in brand protection
  • ATT digital solutions under intelligent packaging conditions
  • Research and analysis of hotspot and terminal demand in the field of anti-counterfeit traceability in the future
  • Digital Printing Best Practice in Security Label and Brand Protections
  • Trusted traceability technology and application of quantum cloud code

The 3rd Packaging Smart Factory Construction and Lean Management Forum
  • The situation and development trend of Chinese packaging smart factory Full analysis of Boutique gift box packaging Lighthouse Factory
  • The intelligent manufacturing solution of Corrugated packaging in HXPP
  • The lean management of intelligent and digitalized plant
  • The current situation of digital trasformation of packaging enterprise
  • Round table forum: The current systematic problem and solution of the intelligent manufacturing and lean management

2022 Tobacco Packaging Summitit
  • The Application of Digital Ink Jet Printing in Tobacco Packaging
  • Upgrading and Innovation of Anti-counterfeiting Technology
  • New Trend of Green Environmental Protection in Tobacco Packaging

Flexible Packaging Environmental Sustainability Development Forum
  • New Trend of Digital Printing in Sustainable Flexible Packaging
  • Single recyclable packaging and sustainable development of packaging
  • Intelligent development and pain point analysis of flexible packaging
  • Key technology of high-end packaging and printing equipment
  • The pain point and difficulties of solvent - free composite technology

Cross-Discipline Integration, Co-Building and Sharing of RFID Ecology - 2022 RFID Tag Scenario-Applications Summit Forum
  • Only- Read Only RFID technology, builds a new ecosystem of RFID tags
  • Secure every step for RFID tag life cycle
  • New opportunities for Internet of Things –RFID
  • Comprehensive observations for RFID tag manufacturing process
  • Brief Talk of some unique RFID tags & application values
  • RFID self-adaptive recognition technology for dynamic scene
  • Trustable identifications and scenarioizing applications
The 6th Intelligent Printing Summit
  • Analysis of the trend of industrial chain integration
  • How far are we from smart factory in the post-epidemic era
  • The bellwether of digital printing development (corrugated digital printing, POD, digital express printing, etc.)
  • Discussion on the latest environmental protection printing solutions (consumables, processes, techniques, products, etc.)
  • Theme: Discussion on industry development Trend in 2022
  • In the short video era, how printing enterprises make profits from traffic? (Onsite teaching from Tiktok marketing video expert)

2022 China Anti-Counterfeit Intelligent Tracing Technology & Application Conference
  • Application of micro-nano structure in anti-counterfeiting field
  • Application of holographic positioning hot stamping material in anti-counterfeiting field of cigarette packet
  • The system application of anti-counterfeit technology in ticket
  • The application of value-added system on code and anti-counterfeiting technology in anti-counterfeiting field
  • The software and hardware application of real - time dynamic anti-counterfeit information and real product comparison and verification system
  • Application of new anti - counterfeiting materials in anti - counterfeiting field
  • Application of comprehensive anti-counterfeiting technology in anti-counterfeiting label
  • Application of anti-counterfeiting materials in traditional label printing
  • Application and case sharing of comprehensive anti-counterfeiting technology in foreign countries

The 5th Green Development Summit of Pulp Molding
  • Ten innovations of pulp molding industry in 2021
  • Generation Z consumption capacity improvement, market impact analysis of pulp molding industry
  • Analysis of the rapid development of new catering industry on the impact of pulp molding industry and analysis
  • Analysis of the influence of foreign consumers on non-wood fiber consumption trend and industry
  • Discussion on the demand of Non Plastic Packaging for Household Appliances
  • Gather Design Strength, Build Design Ecology
  • High-quality box, blister packaging to use paper pulp molding packaging cases to share
  • Ten Events of Pulp Molding Industryin 2021
  • New Book Launch of Pulp Molding

2022 China Label Industry High Quality Development Forum
  • Development Situation and Prospect of China Label Industry
  • How to Reshape the New Advantages of Label Competition Under the Big Changes
  • Productivity Transformation,Creating a New Engine for Business Growth
  • The Consumption Power of the Z Era Has Been Improved, and the New Needs of Label Design Have Been Analyzed
  • Pay Attention to Label Quality and Enhance Produce Brand Value
  • Recognize the Essence of Materials and Establish Label Produce Branding
  • Analsis of Quality Problems of Self-adhesive Label
*Information as of 21 Jan, 2022, Agenda is subject to the meeting
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