Exhibits Range

  • Pre-press System & Software
  • Digital Printing & Proofing System
  • CTP Technologies & Equipment
  • Offset Printing Equipment & Machinery
  • Label, Flexo & Gravure Printing Equipment
  • Screen Printing Equipment and Materials
  • Special Printing Equipment
  • Inkjet Printing & Signage Production Technology, Equipment & Accessories
  • Package Printing Equipment
  • Print Finishing Equipment & Services
  • Paper Converting Equipment/System
  • Binding Equipment
  • Flexible Packaging
  • Corrugated Equipment and Accessories
  • Corrugated Converting Materials
  • Printing Materials & Accessories
  • Printing Consumables
  • 3D Display Props/Lenticular Printing
  • Electronic & Database Publishing
  • Equipment Repair and Maintenance Services
  • Testing/Quality Assurance Equipment and Services

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Post-press & Package Converting
Printing Materials & Accessories
Flexible Package
Label Printing
Printing Services
Industry Services
Pre-press System & Software
Colour management system / testing equipment
Computer-to-plate system
Plate making machine
Proofing Equipment
Imagesetter, scanner and copier
Laser imaging system
Software and hardware for electronic publishing and design system
Software for packaging prepress
Offset printing equipment
Offset printing equipment
Digital Printing equipment
Inkjet printer / large format printer
Flexo printing machine
Gravure printing machine
Corrugated printing press and equipment
Label printing equipment and machinery
Screen printing machine
Special printing applications
Folding Machine
Binding Equipment
Cementing Machine
Book Sewing Machine
Hardcover Machine
Paper Cutter
Paper Converting Machine
Rigid Box Converting Machines
Laminating Machine
Window Patching Machine
Laser Cutting Machine
Die Cutting Machine
Paper Processing Equipment
Hard Box Processing Equipment
Gluing Machine
Grooving Machine
Shell Machine
Paper Bag-making Machine Series
Bottom Sealed Machine
Knitting Machine
Hander Machine
Paper Cup Machine
Corrugated Processing Equipment
Corrugated Box Processing Equipment
Creasing Machine
Stick Box Machine
Nail Box Machine
Paper Bowl Machine
Paper Straw Machine
Paper Tableware Machine
Pulp Molding Equipment
Printing plate
Paper / cardboard
Self-adhesive materials
Ink, varnish
Gold Stamping Materials
Photosensitive Materials
Anilox roll
Adhesives and glues
Bookbinding materials
Coatings / Varnishes
Embossing and laminating materials
Conveyor belts and tapes
Washing agent
Packaging Paper
Industrial Paper
Cultural Paper
Printing equipment
Film-coating machine
Coating machine
Seal machine
Bag-making machine
Flexible package materials
Gas treatment & solution
Label & Narrow web printing machinery
RFID & Smart Labels
Bar Coding Equipment
Label Stocks & Film
Label Printing Materials
Anti-counterfeit Technology, Label Security Solutions & Applications
Quality/Testing Equipment
Components(Motor 、Transducer)
Moistening equipment
Repair and Maintenance Services
Environmental Engineering Equipment
Water / Gas Treatment Equipment
Environmental Technology and Equipment
Used machinery dealers
Service provider
Dealer / distributor / trader
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