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Magnolia was established in 1997, with more than 20 years manufacturing experience in post-print, Guangdong Magnolia Packing Machinery Co.,Ltd. has been the national high-tech enterprise which is integrated with technical research, design, manufacturing and service in one.Magnolia has developed from making into intelligent creating and gradually launch post-press solution equipment such as Full Automatic Laminating Machine; Full Automatic Varnishing Machine;Hologram Images Transferring Machine with function of cost-saving, environmental protection, anti-counterfeiting and value added; Muti-function Foil Stamping Machine with precise metallic effect; Full Automatic Stereoscopic Clamshell Folding & Gluing Production Line - the high-accuracy and high-automation positioning equipment; Ink-Jet Platform - the high-precision and high-speed two-dimensional coded equipment and so on, including related post-press consumables such as special paper sheet, box type, oil and special film etc.
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