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Ruian HangZhan Machinery Co.,Ltd professional manufacture various kinds of aluminum alloy roller,air shaft,banana roller,mirror aluminum roller,mirror roller,rubber roller used for color printing machinerypackaging machinery etc.
1.HangZhan Machinery was founded in 1988,is the first professional aluminum roller processing factory,we professional processing of aluminum roll more than 10 years.
2.HangZhan Machinery is the countrys largest and highest productive company,outputcan be 100000 aluminum rollers every month.
3.HangZhan Machinery uses the highest specification of the aluminum alloy extrusion tube,with the best mechanical properties.
4.HangZhan Machinery Machining equipment:numerical control lathe 10 sets;high precision lathe 20sets;length of 5 meters 3 sets;2 meters and 3 meters grinder;one hundred tons of special straightening machine;the high precision dynamic balancing machine 4 sets,etc.
HangZhan Machinery have professional and completely aluminum guide roller surface treatment:withe oxidation,hard oxidation,electrolytic coloring oxidation,sandblasting,shot peening,hard chromium plating,rubber coating,Teflon etc.
Welcome to visit our company,we have the confidence to procide you with reasonable price and the highest quality aluminum guide roller.
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