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ZheJiang Jialida Packing Machinery Co.,Ltd. was established in China in 1992, and is a professional manufacturer of paper envelope machinery. Over the past 20 years, we have gained much experience in producing our envelope manufacturing machines. We now provide not only a wide variety of high quality paper envelope machines, but also many types of related equipment, including: envelope window film-sticking machines, express mail envelope making machines, hydraulic press cutting machines, etc. They are widely used in processing, before the finished product stage. Our machines produce envelopes, paper bags, EMS packing bags, DHL packing bags, UPS packing bags, medicine bags, VCD bags, postcard bags, and so on.In order to make our envelope machines, hydraulic pressure cutting machines, document bag making machines, express mail envelope making machines, and other paper envelope machines more competitive in the market; we have implemented a series of effective quality- and cost-control measures.
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