Concurrent Events

2021 RFID Application Trends and Development Conference
 4 March 2021 a.m.
 Conference Room 6 , Area B
  • Market status and development trend of UHF RFID industry
  • RFID triggers revolution in the new retail scene building of clothing industry
  • The future of digital packaging
  • The current application and development trends of RFID in intelligent packaging and warehousing logistics
  • Printing technology integration and scene application for traceable tag and RFID technology

The 4th Anti-Counterfeit Intelligent Tracing Technology Conference
 4 March 2021 p.m.
 Conference Room 2A, Area A
  • Reflection on product safety and traceability in the post-epidemic era
  • Technological development in the field of important epidemic prevention materials public identification
  • The development of product anti-counterfeiting and traceability technology under the background of Internet of Things
  • Food safety, tracing and supervision during lasting pandemic
  • New applications of digital printing technology in anti-counterfeit printing
  • Security design and innovations of plate making technology
  • Anti-counterfeiting traceability technology and solutions in the era of blockchain and artificial intelligence
  • New development of personalized micro-nano optics and holographic anti- counterfeiting technology
  • New development of high level security anti-counterfeiting materials such as paper, pigment and ink
  • RFID, NFC radio frequency technology applications in high-end product anti-counterfeiting
  • New development and breakthrough of intelligent packaging ecosystem
  • New demand for high-end anti-counterfeiting for tobacco, wine, drugs and cosmetics, etc.
  • Digital product identity management, big data facilitates new mode of smart marketing

Color Management
 4 March 2021 p.m.
 Conference Room 6 , Area B
  • Color Management with SME
  • Reshaping the Printing Color Supply Chain with BrandQ Certification

Single PE Material Composite Packaging Facilitates Environmental Protection
 5 March 2021 a.m.
 Conference Room 2 , Area B
  • Single material composite is the only way for flexible packaging to be environmentally friendly
  • Composite equipment and technology for single-material multi-layer composite packaging
  • Single material PE composite packaging technology and application
  • Automatic ink distribution system - Digital ink reclaim solution
  • Challenges and opportunities brought by recyclable and degradable trend to flexible packaging enterprises
  • Packaging recyclable commitment 2025 brings huge demand for single material composite

The 4th Green Development Summit of Pulp Molding
 5 March 2021 a.m.
 North Hall, Conference Room 8 , Area B
  • Ten innovations of pulp molding industry in 2020
  • Five problems start-up pulp molding enterprises need to attend
  • Pulp molding quality color printing solutions
  • Discussion on the demand for plastic-free packaging for household appliances
  • Unite design power, build the design ecosystem
  • Pulp molding led the transformation in occasion of plastic ban
  • Top ten events of pulp molding industry in 2020
  • New book launch of pulp molding

The 5th China Intelligent Printing and Digital Convergence Innovation Summit
 5 March 2021 p.m.
 Conference Room 6 , Area B
  • Innovation oriented, challenge new business
  • Discussion on typical cases of digital combinations
  • The future of digital crossover
  • The art of printing empowers the traditional printing industry
  • Creative printing design case sharing
  • Creative product mindset for traditional printing
  • Create a new artificial intelligence IOT era
  • The epidemic creates a new era for environmentally friendly and intelligent packaging

Intelligent Manufacturing and Cost Reduction Integration Innovation Conference
 5 March 2021 p.m.
 Conference Room 2A, Area A
  • Packaging intelligent manufacturing strongly empowers cost reduction and efficiency for enterprises
  • HKT robot brings a wave of "replaced by machine" for the manufacturing of fine boxes
  • Traps to be avoided for carton box enterprises adopting IOT
  • Digital applications and solutions for packaging printing enterprises
  • Rhino, Xiaomi and Gree smart manufacturing's challenges to packaging and the coping strategies

Green Packaging Printing in Digital & Intelligent Era Forum
 5 March 2021 p.m.
 Conference Room 2 , Area B
  • VOCs Governance in the Printing Industry
  • Ink and Packaging Printing
  • Green Packaging Printing in High-end Brands
  • Green Design of Packaging Printing
  • Green Intelligent Post-Press Packaging Process
*Information as of 21 Jan, 2021, Agenda is subject to the meeting
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