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HBF is SHANHE MACHINEs brand new model of flute laminator, which aims at the post-press process of graphic box, so that to realize the automation of corrugated board lamination. Abiding by the concept of intelligentization, digitization, fully automation, high energy saving and environment friendly, related R&D are invested to improve the step of online flute lamination for carton factories and printing companies thus to promote the perfection of printing industry chain. Since SHANHE MACHINE successfully develops this model of machine and put it into mass production, this model has become a hot sale in China and even the whole world. It not only puts new dynamism to Made in China, but also effectively push the carton and printing industry intellectual development and push many enterprises to successfully upgrade and transform.
HBK-130 automatic cardboard lamination machine is SHANHE MACHINEs high-end smart laminator for laminating sheet to sheet with high alignment, high speed and high efficiency features. Its available for laminating cardboard, coated paper and chipboard, etc. Front and back, left and right alignment precision is super high. Finished product will not deform after the lamination, which satisfy the lamination for double side printing papers lamination, lamination between thin and thick paper, and also, lamination of 3-ply to 1-ply product. Its suitable for wine box, shoe box, hang tag, toy box, gift box, cosmetic box and most delicate products packaging.
HMC-1080 automatic die-cutting machine is ideal equipment for processing box & carton after they are printed. Its full automation makes operation become safer, production speed become faster and die cutting precision become higher. Its with features of front gauge, pressure and paper size auto adjusting system.

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GUANGDONG SHANHE INDUSTRIAL CO., LTD, also known as "SHANHE MACHINE", is headquartered in Shantou city, which is one of China's five Special Economic Zones. With solid R&D technology and more than twenty years experience in production, SHANHE MACHINE is an enterprise specializing on manufacturing of post-press machines, which include Full-auto Film Laminating Machine, Automatic Die Cutting Machine, High Speed Flute Laminating Machine, Varnishing Machine, UV Coating Machine, Calendering Machine, Digital Inkjet Printer, Folder Gluer, etc).
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