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ZFM-700/900/1000/1350 Series Automatic Case Making Machine uses servo driving, photoelectric detecting, servo positioning and other new technologies as well. It can finish the process of paper feeding, gluing, board feeding, positioning and four-side folding automatically with high accuracy, fast speed and high quality. It is the effective solution for customers of printing and packaging industry with high-volume production in producing the package for wines, cigarettes, moon cakes, tea, mobile phones, underwear, handcrafts, and cosmetics etc, making file folders, calendars, and other hardcover books as well.
ZFM-700D Automatic round corner case making machine is multifunctional and especially developed for hard cover book & notebook manufacturers. It can produce both round & straight corner hardcovers. This machine uses motion control system, adopts servo driving, photoelectric positioning, servo rectification etc. It can automatically finish the process of paper feeding, positioning, corner wrapping and four-edge folding with higher accuracy, faster speed. Its optimized solution for round corner hardcover book and notebook manufacturers.
ZDH-700 Folding box forming machine adopts servo drive, photo-electric positioning, servo rectification, servo insert folding, edge wrapping and other new craft and technologies. It can automatically complete the process of paper feeding, gluing, cardboard automatic feeding, positioning, edge automatic folding. The whole machine adopts 12 servo systems, which can accurately complete the required actions of each process. The launch of this machine, enabling the transport volume of the box decrease more than 80%, greatly reduce the transport cost and the storage space. It is the new solution to the printing and packaging enterprises for producing collapsible boxes.

Company Profile

ZHEJIANG HORDA MACHINERY CO., INC (WENZHOU KEQIANG MACHINERY CO., LTD) specialize in post-printing process and paper packaging equipment developing and manufacturing. The main products are automatic case making machine, wine case, cigarette case & cell phone box production line, automatic gluing machine, cardboard slitting machine etc. Our machines have obtained CE certificate and included many issued national patents.
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