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MF-FAC390A 自动精装书本上壳压平压槽联动线(一拖二)
Model MF-FAC390A is based on model MF-FAC390, with two stations of pressing & creasing unit, its speed is greatly increased. It is widely used for notebooks, photo books, picture books and other hard cover books. It adopts feeder for auto cases delivery with book back creasing function; automatically cases in block with alignment and pressing device to ensure a precise casing in effect; automatically presses and creases the book; and automatically delivers the finished products. It is a good partner for hard cover book production.
MF-PF400 全自动蝴蝶装对裱机
Application: This machine is used for making photo books, picture album, children board books, cookbooks, stamp album and so on. Working principle: With automatic paper feeding function, automatically gluing function, automatically pressing and trimming board papers from three sides function and intelligently separating book block function, this machine makes the folded board papers combined with each other by hot melt glue, and separates book block intelligently.
MF-FEM450 全自动穿皮筋机
This machine is used for inserting the elastic band to hard cover. It automatically delivers the cover, cuts the elastic band, inserts and sticks the elastic band into the cover, greatly enhancing the working efficiency and product quality.

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