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we provide packaging engineering services to support customised design for our customers.
Convenience,-excellent protection and beautiful packaging solution that combine cushioning material, color boxes, corrugated carton and sealing tape into all-in-one design. Low investment on developing cost. Excellent drop test performance is reached ISTA 1A. Easy to die-cut any shapes to wrap around the curves of products. The advantages of honey-comb paper is flexibility to achieve putting different products into standard size packaging box. Insert smart label on packaging as an entry of ioT platform to let consumer to experience a smart journey.

Company Profile

Become a customer packaging engineer and provide green and smart packaging solutions. Deliberately set up a new team to upgrade and transform traditional packaging companies. Provide customers with one-stop environmental protection packaging solutions. Optimize the packaging and use environmentally friendly materials (not made of plastic) as the base material-integrated design of color boxes, cushioning materials, outer boxes and sealing glue to reduce weight and eliminate secondary packaging problems. This design has obtained an innovation patent. In order to improve efficiency, the necessary automation equipment is being developed for fragmented production layout. In the era of interconnection of all things, packaging boxes have become off-line entrances to provide users with on-line services.
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