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This unit can be connected with printing machine, UV varnishing machine and screen printing machine etc. The printing substrate which is coated with UV ink or UV varnish will pass through this unit to achieve hologram transferring & cold foil effect.The image of hologram film can be transferred properly on the printed surface, sparkling and integrated with the printing substrate. It has features of cost-saving, environmental protection, anti-counterfeiting as well as attractive and value-added etc.

Company Profile

Magnolia was established in 1997, with more than 20 years manufacturing experience in post-print, Guangdong Magnolia Packing Machinery Co.,Ltd. has been the national high-tech enterprise which is integrated with technical research, design, manufacturing and service in one.Magnolia has developed from making into intelligent creating and gradually launch post-press solution equipment such as Full Automatic Laminating Machine; Full Automatic Varnishing Machine;Hologram Images Transferring Machine with function of cost-saving, environmental protection, anti-counterfeiting and value added; Muti-function Foil Stamping Machine with precise metallic effect; Full Automatic Stereoscopic Clamshell Folding & Gluing Production Line - the high-accuracy and high-automation positioning equipment; Ink-Jet Platform - the high-precision and high-speed two-dimensional coded equipment and so on, including related post-press consumables such as special paper sheet, box type, oil and special film etc.
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