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BOPP/PET thermal lamination film, is 2 layers products which consist of basic film and adhesive glue. It is used for covering surface of paper, cartons, etc, by dry laminators, in order to increase surface quality of them to get a nice appearance; to protect them against sun, water, moisture and other factors, and to protect them against on surface of them against erasing and worming. The films are widely used in printing and packaging industry, such as books, magazines, digital prints, advertising inject prints, etc.
The Digital toner foil is most special transfer the image to the digital toners on the paper surfaces. After doing the sleeking foil, there can have different designs. The sleeking can be in spot locations or full coverage. The hologram and UV glossy sleeking can be used up to 3 times, and the gold and silver sleeking without any mould.
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We manufacture many kinds of the thermal lamination product. Our major product is BOPP thermal lamination film, PET thermal lamination film, super sticky film for digital prints and inject prints, and also for the Radiant Floor Heating, which is widely used in different industry.  With the advanced management ERP systems, and focusing on the development and application of intellectual property rights, excellent R & D team, professional knowledge and technical experienceso that we supply the high-quality product to our customers.
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