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Computerized high-speed lamination at max.  Shaftless back feeder with servo control,over-lapping paper feed.  Feeder Base: Low E-type Piling table ensures direct paper feeding by pallet cart. Railway truck pre-loader is optional.  High- precisiongluing rollers, glue side stopper, auto glue level controller, no overflow at high speed and glue recirculation system.
Free maintenance, low noise and high efficiency. shorten lead time of paper replenish-ment and increase efficiency. No suction mechanism above paper stacker offers more spacious operation room. E-type holder plate and high speed elevator jointly pull out laminated sheets rapidly and conveniently. Selected electonic elements perfect both operation and safety. Prevent roller ends at high speed from glue overflowing.
1.Integrated with flute laminator to faciliate automatic collection of specified copies of laminated sheets. 2.Fully automatic Intermittent turning, flip-flop stacking in order. 3.Time saving, Labor saving, production efficiency improving. 4.Stacked by one pile of up and one pile of down or two piles of up and two piles of down subject to paper pile thickness and operation request. 5.Automatic paper pile height setting. 6.Touch screen operation, easy to learn. 7.Max speed is 10000 copies per hour.

Company Profile

Set up in 2008 and located in Dongguan, Guangdong, Dongguan Dingxing Machinery Co., Ltd. is a leading specialized manufacturer of flute laminators in China. We set up our second manufacturing facility: Dongtai Dingxing Machinery Technology Co.,Ltd in April, 2018 in Jiangsu Province to satisfy northern China market expansion. Our product is automatic flute laminator for laminating and gluing combination of printed papers, corrugated boards and any type of upper paper or layers of cardboards together accurately, including automatic flute laminator, automatic 5ply flute laminator, automatic high-speed flute laminator &automatic cardboard laminator. With more than ten years of manufacturing, with our qualified products, reasonable price and quick after-sales service, the company grows continuously and quickly to win the trust of our domestic and overseas customers. Combining with all the experience we have gained over time, we have improvised on the design and manufacturing aspects of our laminators to make them world class acceptability levels and at the same time offering them at economical prices. Adopting a constructive & flexible approach, we are laying special emphasis on R&D efforts for product development and innovation to enhance our product range, to satisfy the requirement of different customers. Our company put motto into effect : operation with diligence and service comes first to become a leading manufacturer of auto flute laminator worldwide. Specialized in flute laminators, marching ahead with our excellent service and continuously innovative technology, Dingxing(Dingyi) will become your ideal cooperative partner for long term in this industrial segment.
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