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This machine adopts heat coating tubing heating, heating evenly, BOPP film as material, the product has high transparency, strong three-dimensional sense, non-toxic, no smell, good bonding performance. Can be widely used in photos, packaging boxes, food boxes, books, drawings and other printed matter surface coating. Embossing, smooth surface optional, pneumatic and electric combination, stable work, simple operation, fast speed, exquisite shape.
This machine has the same advantages as the ordinary laminating machine (pneumatic and electric combination, stable work, high efficiency, product adhesion performance is good, environmental protection, etc.), but also has the automatic trimming function, higher degree of automation, embowelment, laminating, trimming one-time completion, more cost saving.Equipped with conveyor belt and plate, more convenient production.Suitable for users with high production capacity.
In addition to the general function of the laminating machine, the machine also adds a trimming knife, coated colleagues can automatically trimming, reduce the process. The special Korean roller roller has excellent effect after passing the film and embossing, which adds special effect on the surface of the photo. It can be either single feed or whole roll feed, with anti-crimp function, suitable for all kinds of paper.Specially used in digital printing photos, graphic fast printing shop, packaging boxes, food boxes, books, drawings and other printed matter surface film

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Our company is located in jiangmen city of the developed pearl river delta. Specialized in the development of photo album equipment for many years, the main production laminating machine, coating machine, paper cutting machine, glue machine, bronzing machine, integrated machine. Always adhere to the "quality first, customer first, service first" business philosophy, hard work
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