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A new generation of T106B has a number of new technologies and systems that will help you to improve efficiency significantly and bring competitive advantage.It has the function of automatic separation of pressing boards with two sets of waste clearing.Regardless of how the layout of the printing and the use of what kind of substrate, can be used in high-speed operation to clear the waste,as well as to ensure the orderly separation of finished prod ucts.The stripping chase adopts peneumatic automatic lifting up and down,and is provided with a astandard quick-lock device and a center-line positioning function,which can make the preparation operation more quick and convenient.The front and back opera tion interfaces use 19 inches LED touch screens,making the most complex settings become simple and intuitive,to maximize the efficency of the equipment.
Advantages of back feeding paper:1.Release the operating space in front of the machine to make the operation more convenient.And the operating space will be bigger.2.Greatly reduce the labor intensity ofemployees and improve work efficiency.For example,when cutting paper of large surface,it often takes two people to lift the paper stack at the same time.Generally,it takes3-4 times to complete the move-ment of the 160MM paper pile,and the machine has to stop and wait.For the paper picking machine,the staff can cut the paper at the same time,a one-time stack of paper to the paper cutting machine.3.Reduce the number of employees and labor costs.When large paper piles are nomally operated,the fatory usually has three employees,and the paper machine only need 1 people.4.The back-feeding machine can push the stack of papaer completely into the back working platform of the paper cutter.

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The company also carries out 5S management mode ,which ensures a perfect workout in each section during the production We also introduce the state-of-the-art CNC machines and CNC lathes of Gantry CNC milling machines ,which contributes to the high quality products and leads Guowang to a brand-new field that features high efficiency ,high quality and high satisfaction.
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