Corrugated Zone
Corrugated Zone (Hall 5.1)
Printing South China 2019 will launch the new Corrugated Zone and work with industry giants to showcase the cutting-edge corrugated production technology and equipment. Visitors can learn more about corrugated packaging industry news and enjoy information exchange and sourcing under one roof. It is not to be missed!
Star Exhibitors (Partial List):
Zhejiang Dayuan Machinery Co., Ltd.

MHK-1050CE fully automatic cleaning and leveling die-cutting machine (constant speed star S9000) speed 9000, filling the blank space of domestic. It is mainly used in printing and packaging industry, such as die-cutting, indentation and semi concave and convex of paper box, carton, label, especially all kinds of advanced fine print, like cigarette case, wine box, gift box, small home appliance box, cosmetics boxes, using this machine for die cutting concave-convex indentation, in order to obtain full of stereo feeling, delicate and beautiful printing.
Shanghai Dragon Printing Machinery Co., Ltd.

The "Automatic high-speed flute laminating machine" features a smart servo motor drive system, a maximum working speed at 12000sph and easy operation. The heavy-type main structure can ensure high speed and high precision running.
Shanghai Yoco Printing Machinery Co., Ltd.

Yoco's "Automatic Diecutting and Foil Stamping Machine"could be applied to precise die-cutting, foil stamping, tags and labels making. By adding the IVRS camera system, it can also be used for the die-cutting of digital printing product. The large touch screen and the Yoco app allow user to monitor the operation on mobile phones.
Tang Shan Jiajie Package Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

The "JHXDB-2800 Automatic Folder Gluer Machine And Bundling Machine Production Line" is perfect for the stitching and gluing of 3 layer and 5 layer corrugated carton. With a stitching pitch range of 40 -500mm and a speed of 1050 nail/min, it can achieve automatic feeding and folding, regulating, stitching or gluing, counting and slacking. The servo control board correction is adjustable and you can choose from single or double stitch for stitching.