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Printing South China/Sino-Label 2024 Successfully Concluded! Innovation Leads Industry Transformation!
Publish Date: 2024-03-28
Printing South China/Sino-Label 2024 Successfully Concluded!
Innovation Leads Industry Transformation!

Thank you for your support! See you in 2025!

The three-day exhibitions, the 30th South China International Exhibition on Printing Industry (Printing South China) and the China International Exhibition on Label Printing Technology (Sino-Label) successfully concluded on March 6, 2024 at Area A, China Import and Export Fair Complex, Guangzhou, China. This exceptional showcase of printing innovation presented a comprehensive display of cutting-edge technologies and solutions, demonstrated the printing and packaging industry’s strong growth and commitment to innovation.

1. Expansive 150,000 sq.m. Show Floor Highlighted Complete Industry Chain
Together with SINO-PACK and PACKINNO, the four fairs formed a print-to-pack one-stop trading platform that covered a total area of 150,000 sq.m., gathered nearly 2,000 exhibitors, and showcased cutting-edge technologies and solutions. This remarkable display captivated industry professionals worldwide and highlighted the potential of China’s printing and packaging market.

2. Strong Purchasing Demand from 116,991 Visitors Highlighted Industry Vitality
With a remarkable turnout of 116,991 visitors from over 105 overseas countries and regions, including Russia, Malaysia, Vietnam, India, Indonesia, Thailand, South Korea, Kazakhstan, the Philippines, China Hong Kong, China Taiwan, etc., the shows demonstrated their growing global reach. The presence of over 270 domestic and overseas buyer delegations led to active on-site transactions.

3. A Strong Start to the Year: 2,000+ Exhibitors Demonstrated Industry Leadership and Innovation
The 30th Printing South China & Sino-Label witnessed the impressive achievements of over 2,000 exhibitors, who captivated visitors with their cutting-edge technologies and solutions. The exhibitions saw active on-site sales with numerous machines sold, reflected the strong market approval of the exhibitors’ products and solidified the crucial role of Printing South China & Sino-Label as a global platform for trade cooperation.

4. Digitalization, Intelligence, and Sustainability Have Driven “New Productive Forces” in the Industry
As a hub for technological innovation, Printing South China & Sino-Label have fostered new productive forces and propelled high-quality industry development, strongly emphasizing on digitalization, intelligence and sustainability. The Smart Factory 4.0 Demonstration Area highlighted the potential of complete digital integration in revolutionizing traditional printing processes. Further innovations across various specialized zones, including Digital Label Printing, Intelligent Packaging Printing, Flexible Packaging, RFID, Anti-counterfeiting Traceability, Paper Container Packaging, Innovative Packaging Materials, Environmental Flexography Printing and Green Label Materials, underscored the industry’s drive towards a more efficient and sustainable future.

5. Over 20 Concurrent Events Sparked Industry Insights and Inspiration
The exhibitions featured over 20 forums and seminars, brought together a diverse group of stakeholders from the printing and packaging industry, including experts from academia, suppliers, technology specialists, industry associations, design agencies and marketing professionals, to engage in in-depth discussions and interpretations of hot industry topics. These events broke down barriers between different segments of the industry, fostered insightful discussions and inspired new perspectives on the future of printing and packaging.

6. Extensive Coverage by 100+ Mainstream Media and Industry KOLs Amplified Brand Influence
The exhibitions received widespread acclaim from over 100 mainstream media outlets and industry KOLs, who recognized Printing South China & Sino-Label’s significant contribution to promoting industry advancement and high-quality development, continuously expanding its brand influence.

7. Printing South China & Sino Label’s Trade Platform Gained Industry-Wide Recognition
As a key platform for trade and communication within the printing and packaging industry, the exhibitions were widely acclaimed and recognized by participants. The event’s achievements solidified its role as a catalyst for industry collaboration, innovation and high-quality development.

Mr. Liu, General Manager, Masterwork Group Co., Ltd.
“As the first major show of the year in the printing and packaging industry, Printing South China has attracted significant industry attention. The show provided a professional platform for us to showcase the intelligent aspects of printing and packaging, offering more intelligent and efficient solutions to help our customers seize market opportunities. We achieved fruitful results that exceeded our expectations and look forward to collaborating again next year.”

Lin, Sales Director, Guowang Technology (Zhejiang) Co., Ltd.
“The 30th Printing South China, gathering innovative technologies and equipment, once again presented a splendid industry event for the printing and packaging sector. Guowang participated independently this year and also debuted in the Smart Factory Demonstration Zone, demonstrating the overall linkage of software and hardware equipment through the “Intelligent Manufacturing Packaging - Boutique Box Packaging Whole Line Intelligent Solution”, which attracted a full audience for each session and promoted the intelligent and automated development of the industry. We are grateful for the platform provided by the organizers and believed that Printing South China will continue to flourish. We also look forward to more diversified and efficient cooperation in the future!”

Ms. Eve Cai, China Marketing Manager, HP Indigo Digital Printing Division, China Hewlett-Packard Co., Ltd.
“I am very pleased to participate again in Sino-Label 2024. We exchanged information with fellow industry professionals and captured business opportunities at this show. The Indigo 6K Digital Press received an enthusiastic response from users, which connected us with many high-quality domestic and overseas buyers and led to on-site orders.

We appreciate the organizers for creating this platform that showcased the advancements and growth within the printing and labeling industry. We extend our best wishes to Sino-Label for continued success and look forward to collaborating further to contribute to the industry’s development.”

Fujian Printing Association
“As the first exhibition in the year for printing and packaging industry, celebrating with the 30th anniversary of Printing South China, the show demonstrated a multitude of new equipment and materials. The show also provided numerous opportunities for business collaborations, assisted Fujian enterprises in seeking cost-effective and reliable production solutions, accelerating the green and digital transformation, and exploring new market opportunities. We depart with fruitful results and wish Printing South China continued success. See you next year!”

Zhuhai Printing Association
“Our association has organized member visits to Printing South China for many years. This year’s show gathered leading industry enterprises, showcased cutting-edge technologies and equipment in the printing and labeling sector. Concepts such as digitalization, intelligence, and eco-friendly were fully reflected in various equipment, representing the latest industry trends and providing us with an excellent opportunity to experience the collision of innovation and technology. With its precise thematic focus and distinctive features, Printing South China offered an efficient platform for industry exchange and collaboration. The presentations by guest speakers at the concurrent forums were also very inspiring. Overall, the visit was rewarding, and we thank the organizers for providing this opportunity for exchange!”

Mr. Huang, MYS Group Co., Ltd.
“We experienced a vibrant atmosphere and a diverse range of exhibits during our visit to the Printing South China. Our focus was on eco-friendly and innovative materials, and the exhibition platform provided valuable insights into relevant products and industry suppliers. Overall, our visit was highly rewarding. We hope that next year’s Printing South China will feature even more high-quality exhibitors showcasing premium products, further contributing to the industry’s development.”

“This year’s Printing South China exhibited a larger scale, with an increase in both exhibitors and exhibits. The overall visiting experience was excellent. We primarily focused on printing equipment, inks, and plate making, and we observed a wide range of equipment and materials that were both abundant and relevant to practical applications. The organizer’s arrangements were well-organized, and we will certainly visit again next year for further visits and exchanges!”

Overseas Associations and Visitors
Ms. Rosemarie Ellema, President, Printing Industries Association of the Philippines, Philippines
“Printing South China/Sino Label is a good platform for the exchange of industry between the Philippines and China. Our delegates are always able to find something new and fulfil procurement needs in each visit to the fair. This year, we particularly appreciate the Organizer’s support and arrangement, which left the delegation with a positive experience throughout the event. We look forward to future opportunities to collaborate and participate in Printing South China/Sino Label again.”

Mr. Suhendra Marz, Chief Editor/Director, Printpack Indonesia, Indonesia
“This is our first time successfully organizing a delegation group to visit Printing South China/Sino Label. Chinese machinery has always been our top priority, but it is not easy to buy high-quality and affordable Chinese machinery in Indonesia. Therefore, we need to take the initiative to visit exhibitions in China to find and explore different machinery. This exhibition is very big, and our members gained a lot from this visit. One of them has already made transactions with four exhibitors.”

8. Exhibitors’ Enthusiasm Runs High with Booming Booth Reservations
The successful conclusion of Printing South China & Sino-Label 2024 not only demonstrated the strength of the show but also highlighted the industry’s potential for growth. Exhibitors have already begun reserving booths for the 2025 edition, eager to continue their success at Printing South China.

The 31st Printing South China will take place from March 4th to 6th, 2025, at the China Import and Export Fair Complex (Area A) in Guangzhou. Together, let’s build on this success and shape a prosperous future for the printing industry!

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