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Industry Preview by Printing South China 2024: Automation, Sustainability, Integration
Publish Date: 2024-01-09
Industry Preview by Printing South China 2024: Automation, Sustainability, Integration

【The 30th South China International Exhibition on Printing Industry (Printing South China 2024)】cum【The China International Exhibition on Label Printing Technology 2024 (Sino-Label 2024)】will be held on 4-6 March 2024 in Area A, China Import and Export Fair Complex, Guangzhou, P.R. China.

In response to the fast-paced development of the printing industry, Printing South China/ Sino-Label 2024 has prepared a wide range of exhibits to support enterprises to meet 3 major market trends: automation, sustainability, and integration.

1. Increasing the Adoption of Digital Printing

One of the show’s highlight is the increasing adoption of digital printing. “Smart Factory 4.0” Demonstration Zone will bring the whole packaging production line at the spot, from ERP order placement, typsetting, printing, post-print and even gift box making.

Aside, a plethora of core technologies and solutions about smart production software and digital printing can also be found at the fairground, such as Xunyue and Yinzhi Internet’s smart software; HP Indigo 6K digital printing press; Epson SurePress L-4733AW digital label printing machine; Honglitong digital label printing machine Label Smart, using the fully integrated Agfa Apogee pre-press process system to ensure the highest degree of reliability; Cron’s EZC smart digital ink supply system perfectly realizing the digitalization of traditional printing and precise ink supply. Besides, other companies like Krent, YinTech will introduce the latest technology and equipment at the exhibition. These digital technologies and solutions are beneficial to production efficiency, cost reduction, and product quality while promoting the digital transformation of the printing industry.

2. Expanding the Application Scope of Chinese Printing Technologies

Inkjet printing, as the major technology in digital printing, has been applied in many fields. A number of leading Chinese local brands will reveal the wide application of high-speed and high-definition inkjet equipment in books, labels, corrugating, packaging and other fields, such as Hotting multi-function digital inkjet printer, RuntianZhi J-350Pro extended six-color digital label printing press, Arojet ES-6700, Pulisi stainless steel series 550mm wide onepass UV inkjet Printing press etc. Upgraded local inkjet technology and expansion of application fields will surely bring more innovations and prospects to the printing industry.

3. More Intelligent Post-Press Equipment & Obvious Trend of Customization

As consumers' demand for personalized and customized products continues to increase, intelligence and customization of post-press equipment is becoming a more significant trend. Printing South China and Sino-Label 2024 respond by inviting a number of leading equipment suppliers to demonstrate intelligent in-line production lines in accordance to different enterprise needs, such as Evergreen MK800SF laser die-cutting machine for self-adhesive, special-shaped cardboard and die cutting processing of small batch of packaging boxes; Jinbao JB-106AS smart servo fully automatic screen printing machine, a new smart screen printing machine with independent intellectual property rights, a cutting-edge product in the industry with three invention patents and five utility model patents ; Zhongke ZK-3525D high-efficiency smart cover box making machine; Horda’s fully automatic special-shaped cover machine; Century’s first fully automatic die-cutting linkage production line that can be personalized and customized, etc. With the support of various smart solutions, companies will be able to enhance product with more competiveness and values while fulfilling customers’ demand for personalization of customization.

4. Accelerating Post-Print Efficiency and Transformation

Product quality and production efficiency are largely attributed by post-print efficiency enhancement technology. At this exhibition, leading exhibitors such as Evergreen, Jinbao, Guowang, Hongming, Zhongke, and Horda, as well as Tiancen, Kingwe, Meixun, Xutian, and Kuaiyida will come with solutions, including Yuan Henry Cloud's post-print digital enhancement and liquefied film platform, Tiancen's glazing enhancement, and Guowang's automatic heavy-pressure foil stamping and die-cutting. machine, Shanghai Yoco's cold foil printing machine, etc.,of which the application of these processes will help improve production efficiency, reduce costs, improve product quality, and promote the upgrading and development of the printing industry.

5. Green, low-carbon and sustainable development continues to advance

Another important direction for printing industry’ development is environmental awareness like green, low-carbon and sustainability. Printing South China will host [Innovative Packaging Materials Zone] together with Eko, Jinhechai, Shengfuyuan, Rocky, Cailong, Asun, Yoke, Gaobang, Gaofei, Caiduoduo, Wentong, Yacai and many other material suppliers listing out hundreds of sustainable packaging materials, such as hot stamping materials, films, adhesives, paper, etc., to solve the diverse needs of different buyers. Meanwhile, [Green Label Materials Zone] in Sino-Label will work with Zhongshan Fuzhou, Lecco, Youhua, Panlarn, Kerui, Shengda, Super, Meiji, Hiway, Randun, SunShine, Feicheng, Henan Union, Lanhai and other brands to help companies improve resource utilization efficiency and promote the sustainable development of the printing industry, with displaying films, foils, paper, self-adhesives, inks, label materials such as ribbons.

6. Uptrend of Cross-border Integration

Green, digitization, and integration are undoubtedly the printing industry’s development trends now and future. In Printing South China and Sino-Label 2024 will explore these trends are integrated. For example, RFID technology can realize product tracking and management while improving the efficiency and transparency of the supply chain; anti-counterfeiting traceability technology can ensure product safety and credibility while satisfying consumers' needs.

RFID Smart Zone of Sino-Label will be scaled up to explore new opportunities in the RFID industry with Chili, Hadesheng, Zhelian, Chankey, Hwa-Tech, Muehlbauer, Kamgold, Yuanmingjie, Xinye, OSRFID, RZX, etc. There will also be a display area of the entire RFID industry ecological chain, showing complete RFID solutions from wafers, antennas, labels and INLAY, laboratory testing equipment, binding and composite equipment to jet printing reading and writing detection equipment.

[Anti-Counterfeiting Traceability Zone] has been further expanded incorporating more extensive product applications covering anti-counterfeiting materials, anti-counterfeiting traceability platforms, anti-counterfeiting solutions, finished anti-counterfeiting labels, etc. Holoart, Qinglei, Chengtou, Mofan, Supereye, Hengxin, PUSH, Oracle, Baochengxin and many other high-quality suppliers will jointly display the latest one-stop anti-counterfeiting technology and solutions, comprehensively assisting enterprises in brand protection, anti-counterfeiting and traceability, and digital marketing.

With continuous advancement of these trends: digitization, intelligence, sustainability, and integration, the printing industry will usher in more innovation and development opportunities. Printing South China Printing and Sino-Label will continue to play a leading role to promote industry development. The show is ready for visitors’ participation from March 4 to 6, 2024, at Area A of the Guangzhou Canton Fair Complex!

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