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Guangzhou Jihui Electronic Equipment Co., Ltd., established in 2013, Has many branches.mainly engaged in export business and wholesale and retail business, with a team of 100people. lt is a comprehensive enterprise specializing in the research and development.production and sales of advertising equipment . Over the years, we have successfullyestablished many brands such as "X-Roland"and"M-World", all of which have a certainreputation. Products spread al over the world---mainly exported to Europe, AmericaSoutheast Asia, Middle East, Africa and other countries and more than 30 domestic provinces. Mr. Wang Fucheng, chairman of the board, has been engaged in the advertising equipmentindustry for more than 20 years. Has a very profound cultural background and rich experiencein the advertising industry, with strong technical strength, high-quality and mature products.and a complete service system, we have given full play to our own advantages, adhering to theeading technology, treating people with integrity, and pursuing the service tenet of perfection.With the corporate philosophy of "product is character", we will continue to carry out equipmentupdates, technological innovations, and service innovations, aiming at the advertisingindustry, textile industry applications, personalized product development, high-performance.cost-effective product application directions, and continue to develop more satisfyingproducts. The future development of products will create market-demanding printingequipment for high-end customers; fully promote the development of advertising industry andtextile industry, so that the world will fall in love with Made in China.
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1. Industrial-grade high-precision platform, the printing surface is flat, and the flatness is 0-5 silk; 2. Hansen Gigabit Ethernet port board has stable performance and fast transmission speed; 3. The printing size is one meter and two gold, and the printing can be infinitely long without color difference; 4. Double-rail lifting trolley frame, freely adjustable height, suitable for printing materials of different thicknesses; 5. Ultra-high-speed one-way output of 5 square meters per hour, increasing production efficiency by 3 times; 6. The front, middle and rear platforms are heated. The main platform is equipped with 2 wide-width constant temperature heating systems. The heating control is more precise and the platform temperature is more uniform; 7. Ultra-wide color gamut, equipped with eight-color ink, adding light black, light black, light red, and light blue. The transition is delicate and reaches the color gamut standard of imported machines;



1. The dual-screw transmission system is adopted to ensure printing accuracy, improve printing quality, and extend the service life of the equipment. 2. Silent guide screw, high precision, low noise during high-speed operation of the machine. 3. Humanized design control interface, easy to operate and intuitive in effect. 4. Automatic media detection device, the system automatically detects the thickness of the printing media (not exceeding 100mm), and automatically adjusts the height of the nozzle to achieve perfect printing on various materials.



1. Hansen network port board has high precision, fast speed, and the printing picture is bright and delicate; 2. Printing and lamination can be completed in one go, with automatic film peeling, automatic lamination, and dual-power unbiased rewinding; 3. Car anti-collision, emergency stop, paper/ink alarm system, truly unattended; 4. AB film printing, hot stamping and silver foil, personalized customization, wide range of uses.

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