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Founded in 2003, Zhejiang Xinwei Machinery Co., Ltd. is a comprehensive high-tech enterprise integrating R & D, manufacturing, sales and service, and is one of the earliest manufacturers specializing in high-end packaging machinery in Wenzhou. In line with the technological innovation of "intelligent manufacturing, module combination, interconnection of things, online service", it covers a wide range of high-end gift box fields such as digital, cosmetics, food, handicrafts, etc. The products have reached the leading level in China, and can be customized according to customer needs.
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全自动折叠盒侧墙成型机 QZD-600W

全自动折叠盒侧墙成型机 QZD-600W

At present, high-end packaging boxes on the market are three-dimensional boxes. In transportation engineering, large volume and high transportation cost are easy to be damaged by extrusion deformation. In view of this situation, Xinwei developed QZD-600-W type automatic folding box side wall molding machine. The machine adopts servo drive, photoelectric positioning, servo correction, servo insert board, edge wrapping and other new technology, and automatically completes the surface paper conveying, gluing, cardboard conveying, positioning, edge folding and forming. Greatly reduce transportation costs, reduce storage space, for the majority of customers to bring good benefits.



Keep improving to ensure stable and reliable paper transmission. Transmission of paper adopts automatic paper transmission feeder with mutully combined with vacuum suction separated paper and computer controlled vacum blower wheel paper delvery. paper enters band sel blroler cowejersnewguiding rail for positioning, and then automatically coat glue for re-adoption of optical f ber precise tracking error correction device. it adopts unique development philosophy to solve problems including getting dity and scratchin .Through bl-oriented cha iftransmission system developedbly unicue professionaltechnique, sucker manipulator transmits product ontovacuum air-transmission conveyor belt for transmission which can avoid phenomenon including surface occurring getting dirty and scratching to meetrequirements for high-quality products.

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SJ-1050YT 视觉定位制盒机

SJ-1050YT 视觉定位制盒机

The new market, using Feida before the air suction after the separation of paper feed structure, the overall action servo and pneumatic control, Feida double set. Conveying visual high precision positioning, push plate, send box multifunctional dual use.

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