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Digitalization and Intellectualization Leading Printing and Packaging Industry to Green and Innovative Development! Re-upgrade of online and offline integrated service for The 29th Printing South China/Sino-Label
Publish Date: 2022/06/16
Printing South China 2023 and Sino-Label 2023 will be held on 2-4 March 2023 at Area A, China Import and Export Fair Complex, Guangzhou, PR China.

New release of highlights of special zones: Digitalization and intellectualization leading to green and innovative development
Always focusing on the needs of the market, Printing South China/Sino-Label is dedicated to serving high-quality branding companies and suppliers of the print label, pooling leading new technologies and new results of various industries, and giving play to the advantages of one-stop business and trade platform, to continuously contribute to the development of the industry. The 2023 exhibition will take digitalization, intellectualization, innovative development and sustainable development as its starting point, doing it’s all out to forge a series of special zones of wonderful highlights.

[Digitalization and Application Zone] of Printing South China gathers various solutions to digitalization, helping enterprises increase their digitalization level, augment their capability for quick response to the market, enhance their control over operational cost, and further boost their production capacity.
[Digital Label Brand Pavilion] of Sino-Label will pool several elite enterprises in the digital industry, giving exhibition to leading digital printing technologies and providing personalized and small-lot customized solutions to help enterprises of printing and packaging and label open up new business growth points

[Intelligent Packaging and Printing Zone ] of Printing South China gives centralized exhibition to leading automation technologies and displays intellectualized and automated control over equipment, thus helping enterprises increase their intellectualization level and reduce cost while bettering performance.
[RFID Intelligent Zone] of Sino-Label deeply excavates the huge development potential in the RFID market, and presents in an all-round manner the solutions to the application of RFID smart labels, to infuse new vitality to the development of the industry.

Sustainable development
[Paper Container Packaging Zone] of Printing South China will demonstrate environment-friendly packaging equipment and technologies such as paper boxes, paper bags, paper cups and paper tableware and compound materials such as Paper-Poly and paper base, to facilitate the green development in industries such as food, catering, beverage, cosmetics, daily necessities, medicine, electronic products, and toys. [Corrugated Packaging Zone] gathers renowned equipment and consumables suppliers of the corrugated case in China, and demonstrates the cutting-edge corrugated case production equipment at present, helping package enterprises seize the green and low-carbon market trend, improve production mix to meet the needs of different customers, and finally facilitate the upgrade and transformation of the paper packaging industry. [Environmental Solutions Zone for Packaging and Printing] intensely focuses on solutions to environment protection related to printing and packaging to help enterprises conserve energy while reducing emissions, increase production effectiveness, promote transformation and upgrading of traditional enterprises, and finally realize sustainable development.
[Environmental Flexo Printing Zone] of Sino-Label practices the philosophy of going green and environmental protection, displays cutting-edge flexographic technology, and provides a platform for joint discussion about the way of flexography to green development. [Green Label Material Zone] gathers various green label materials, helping label printing factories save energy, and increases quality while bettering performance, thus achieving win-win results between environmental protection and seeking economic benefit.

Innovative development
[Innovative Packaging Material Zone] of Printing South China joins hands with famous enterprises in materials such as ink, paper, film and cementing compound, exhibits cutting-edge packaging materials, and provides new ideas for printing and packaging products, to meet the diversified needs of buyers. Compared with the package in other forms, flexible package is more excellent in performance, consuming fewer resources and energy and reducing costs in package, material and transportation. Furthermore, the exhibition sets [Soft Package Zone] , helping enterprises select appropriate processes and equipment, break through the bottleneck in the development of packaging and printing, to maximize the value of soft packaging.
[Anti-counterfeiting and Source-tracing Zone] of Sino-Label, in alliance with high-quality suppliers, display innovative and smart anti-counterfeiting device, platform, software and various innovative materials against counterfeiting and provides enterprises with one-stop anti-counterfeiting solutions to help them protect the brand, prevent and trace cross-region sale, as well as to conduct digital marketing.

Re-upgrade online and offline integrated service to build a 3 plus 365 (3 days of exhibition and 365 days of continuous service) all-weather and seamless online business matching platform
As a one-stop commerce and trade platform serving the printing and packaging industry, Printing South China/Sino-Label possesses enormous and rich supplier resources both upstream and downstream, as well as buyer resources at home and abroad. In order to help suppliers and buyers break time and geographic restrictions and to provide more accurate and convenient matching making service, the organizer, apart from holding a 3-day offline physical exhibition every year, also completely upgrades the “Online Business Matching Platform” and provides activities such as targeted business-matching, live streaming and webinar, to build itself into a 3 plus 365 (3 days of exhibition and 365 days of continuous service) all-weather and seamless online business platform, and to help enterprises share the infinite online and offline business opportunities.

The upgraded “Online Business Matching Platform” has been launched and integrates numerous supplier resources. Buyers can conduct a quick research through product categories, supplier names and other information to locate a suitable supplier. In this way, they can accurately get the desired information about products and suppliers, and make an appointment with suppliers for negotiation at once, which saves time and results in high efficiency. Besides, buyers can also post their sourcing demand at any time. Through giving full play to the role of the platform as bridge and bond, the organizer of the exhibition, in an all-weather manner, provides the supply and requisitioning parties with customized "1V1" demand-matching service, and promotes coordinated cooperation between the enterprises in the upstream and downstream ecospheres, thus seeking common development.

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Four interconnected exhibitions Wonderful upgrade Build new ecology for the development of industry
Printing South China 2023, Sino-Label 2023, Sino-Pack 2023 and PACKINNO 2023 will be held on 2-4 March 2023 at Area A, China Import and Export Fair Complex, Guangzhou, PR China
The four interconnected exhibitions will present richer and more wonderful content for the industry, and create more business opportunities. Let's be there or be square!

More highlights of the exhibition are coming soon:

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