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Ruian Shengda Controller Co.,Ltd. is the manufacturer founded in 1995, specialist in producing magnetic powder clutch/brakes, tension controllers, air disc brakes and air inflatable shaft for more than 20 years, still adhere to be "professional, high quality and high efficiency". The products are widely used in packaging machine such us printing machine, coating machine and laminating machine. The products have reasonable structure, beautiful appearance, excellent performance and reliable quality, which make it have the high reputation in China. Besides, the company have good after-sale service with 1 year warranty period. If you have any questions, welcome to contact with us!
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Magnetic powder brake can transmit torque based on electromagnetic theory and the use of magnetic powder. It has advantages of fast response, simple, structure, no pollution, no noise, no shock and vibration, energy-saving. It is a versatile, superior performance of automatic control components. Magnetic brake an also be used to buffer starting, overload protection, speed control.


magnetic powder clutch is a special type of electromagnetic clutch which does not use friction plates. Instead, it uses a fine powder of magnetically susceptible material (typically stainless steel) to mechanically link an otherwise free wheeling disc attached to one shaft, to a rotor attached to the other shaft. When a magnetic field is applied to the powder, it forms chains connecting the disc and rotor. The strength of the chains depends on the strength of the magnetic field. We use the finest materials available for magnetic components to yield high friction indexes, as well as premium non-asbestos linings to improve response time and extend working life.


SD-B automatic tension controller is mainly composed of tension detector, high precision A/D, D/A converter and high performance single chip microcomputer. The automatic constant tension controller is based on the tension detector measuring the tension of the coil material and comparing with the set target tension, and automatically adjusting the D/A output by the PID calculation of the single chip microcomputer to change the magnetic current of the magnetic powder clutch or the brake or the servo motor. The torque is used to achieve the constant tension of the coil material, and can be widely used in various occasions where the tension is precisely measured and controlled, and has flexibility and wide applicability.

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