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We believe fame opens up the market, integrity creates brilliance. HEBEILECHENGTECHNOLOGYCO.,LTD. was founded in 1999 which located in the XIONGXIANE CONOMIC DEVELOPMENT ZONE,XIONG'AN NEW AREA,CHINA, covers 10000 square meters of land. We are a digital manufacturing enterprise with advanced equipment , excellent crafrsmanshipexquisite technology and demands for perfection. Our company introduced four large-scale pre-coating and casting equipment , 10slitting equipment and various sets of testing equipment. Our products are being sold to Beijing, Tianjin, Hebei covering covering northern, northeastern, northwestern and eastern China and now being exported to the USA, Italy,Russia, Egypt, Vietnam, Turkey and other countries. Our products include protective clothing, isolation clothing fabrics, Modified polypropylene material, environmentallyfriendly pre-coated film, laser holograpthic film and Vacuum aluminized films.We also handle the inports and exports of the goods mentioned above.
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After laminating print, its surface has a thin, transparent layer of plastic film, the surface is moresmooth and shining, thereby improving gloss and fastness of the prints, making the color of graphics more vivid and rich three-dimensional, but also play the role of a waterproof, pollution, wear resistance, folding, resistance to chemical corrosion and so on.


With strict quality control, exquisite technology to win the favor of customers Made from laser opp film,coated with solvent acrylic adhesive,with different adhesion.Mainly used for labepaperPET.PPlaminateno heating andeasy to use


Aluminized film has excellent metallic luster and good reflectivitypackaging goods can play a role in beautifying goods. It has excellent folding resistance and toughness,is not prone to pinholes and cracks, and has improved barrier properties to gas,water vapor odor,light,etc The aluminized film has good electricalconductivitv and can eliminate electrostatic effects; good sealing performance ensures the tightness of the package. The aluminized film canbe processed by coating to form a color film,which has good aesthetics and ornamental properties,and has many uses.

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