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Main Items: holographic film, 3D lenticular film, sparkle glitter film, cast & cure film, transfer film, soft-touch film, etc. Types: transparent, metalized, color coated, thermal lamination, cold lamination(sticker) Eco-friendly & non-toxic film material can pass ROHS and CPSIA.It's widely used in all kinds of high grade packaging and wrapping like gift wrapping/decoration/ lamination with paperboard, ribbon, window glass decoration, adhesive tape, wine, medicine, cosmetic,etc
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The laser pre-coating film is processed on the basis of aluminized laser film and transparent laser film. Pre-coated laser film, the glue surface is non-sticky at room temperature, and can be bonded with the composite material only under the condition of heating and pressure, eliminating the need for gluing process during use and providing convenience to users. It generally adopts computer lattice lithography technology, 3D true color holography technology, multiple and dynamic imaging technology, etc. The holographic image with rainbow dynamics and three-dimensional effect is transferred to PET, BOPP, PVC or coated substrates by molding, and then the surface of the product packaging can obtain a certain laser laser effect by means of compounding, hot stamping, transfer, etc.


The structure of the tactile pre-coating film is based on BOPP, and EVA hot melt adhesive is evenly sprayed on it. Compared with the instant coating glue, the hot melt adhesive has the advantages of good leveling in the molten state, strong ability of glue molecules to diffuse into the ink and paper, and strong ability to melt powder. Therefore, the pre-coated printed products not only have high color reproduction and strong adhesion, but also do not need to remove powder before lamination, which effectively prevents the phenomenon of blistering or peeling of the printed products after die-cutting indentation and bulging.


The transparent glitter pre-coating film is a new type of environmentally friendly material using PP material. It is a widely used glitter effect product. It has similarities with glitter powder, so the visual effect is very strong, and the product shines in the sun . The shining effect cannot be seen due to the shooting light, the actual product effect is better! The transparent glitter pre-coated film is suitable for offset printing, gravure printing, silk screen printing, special printing, hot stamping and other processing methods. It is used in tobacco, alcohol, toothpaste box, CD box, cosmetics, stationery, gift packaging, lighting, building materials, advertising decoration, window stickers, and stickers. It has been widely used in the packaging and decoration market of various industries such as, shoe industry, hair salon lamp and so on. It can be laminated with self-adhesive, various types of paper, etc., and can be applied to offset printing, gravure printing, flexo printing,

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