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Hybridsoftware-Overview We are IT experts for the graphic arts industry or printing experts in the IT world just the way you perceive us. Productivity tools for graphic arts companies. With offices in Belgium, Germany, Italy, US and a global partner network, HYBRID Software is a software development company focused on innovative productivity tools for the graphic arts industry.  HYBRID Softwares CLOUDFLOW workflow, our PACKZ editor, and our integration products offer a unique set of advantages that include native PDF workflows, vendor-independent solutions based on industry standards, scalable technology, and low cost of ownership. These products are used by hundreds of customers worldwide in all areas of prepress and print, including labels and packaging, folding cartons, corrugated, wide format, and digital printing. Website
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PACKZ® is a brand new professional editor for the labels and packaging industry. It is completely built around Portable Document Format (PDF), today's standard file format for interchange of all label and packaging graphics designs. PACKZ® has a versatile set of dedicated prepress functions to make designs ready for any printing process.


Cloudflow Workspace™ is a web based user and file management platform with the capacity for 25 concurrent sessions. Cloudflow Workspace™ utilises the very latest server technology with distributed processing capability and multi file server indexing. It also works with your existing file servers. Cloudflow Workspace™ provides all of the user management functions providing you the ability to define users, groups and roles. It provides centralised monitoring of the system and uses flexible JSON Web API and scripting for ease of use and integration (like XML , web services and other interface capabilities). A Preview Generation facility - generate previews for all assets with high quality, separated previews Metadata Extraction - collection of metadata information from all of your files, live on your existing fileserver. Custom Web UI that allows definition of a custom web UI on the system - this can be configured individually per customer.

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