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Konica Minolta Business Solutions (China) Co., Ltd. Is a wholly owned subsidiary of Konica Minolta Group in China, we are providing the worlds leading digital printing integrated value-added services. Konica Minolta Professional Printing Systems Operations has always been a leader in the field of digital printing in China. Adhering to corporate philosophy of creativity changes the world. We PPSO pays attention to what customers think and want, strives to surprise and more customers, and helps users seize the opportunity in the differentiated market by consulting sales model. We business includes commercial printing, label and package printing, industrial printing, textile printing, digital Varnish and i-foil technology and so on.
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Accurio Jet KM-1e UV喷墨数字印刷机

中文:Accurio Jet KM-1e是柯尼卡美能达与小森公司共同研发的B2+幅面、数字UV喷墨单张印刷机,集合了柯尼卡美能达的喷头、UV墨水、数字成像与小森公司的走纸技术,兼具胶印、数码印刷的优点于一身。 突破技术: - UV直喷技术,色域宽广,色彩还原性好; - 支持材质广泛,可在多种材料表面

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