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A professional manufacture of post printing and packaging machines combined research, production, sales and service into one entirety whichm ocated We have modern standard workshop. excell ent management,professional sales and service team. We put more attention to the quality and service, take reputation as important as our life,striving for high quality and high efficiency. At present our mair products are:automatic die cutting and creasing, foil stamping and flute laminating machines which can be widely used in food,medicine,daily chemical.hardware and other industries.With high quality and service,we will help you create more value.
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The automatic flat-bed die cutting and foil stamping machine is a new generation of automatic flat-bed die-cutting hot stamping machine, which has been desianed and innovatively developed by our company after many vears of developing automatic flat-bed die-cutting hot stamping machine. It is mainly used for die-cutting, bronzing. indentation and cold pressing of paper boxes. cartons and trademarks in the packaging and decoration industry especially for various highlevel and fine prints,such as cigarette boxes, wine boxes,gift boxes, small appliances boxes, cosmetic boxes,etc.. can be used for ordinary bronzina and embossina on this machine to obtain three-dimensional exauisite and beautiful printed products. This machine realizes automation from paper feeding,die cutting,hot stamping,and paper delivery. It can realize the functions of automatic detection, fault display, and non-stop also has the advantages of high die-cutting pressure and high registration accuracy. The main drive system of the machine is equipped with a pneumatic clutch and a braking device; the main sprocket shaft is equipped with a torque limiter (safety clutch); and multiple safety detection electric eyes and safety devices,etc.; can avoid the operation due to emergencies to the greatest extent The injury and equipment damage caused by the operator shall fully protect the safety of persons and equipment


HF-1060CFAutomatic Die-cutting and Creasing Machine(With Stripping Unit) is a key equipment for die-cutting, creasing and stripping of paper boxes cartons,trademarks and other paper packaging and decoration products. This machine adopts unique transmission mechanism design such as high-precision intermittent mechanism,pneumatic lock plate,pneumatic clutch,overload protection,electric pressure adjustment, and paper feeder, etc.. and the equipment runs at high speed and stability.At the same time,the machine is equipped with practical and reliable mechanisms such as pre-codec paper mechanism,auxiliary paper feeding mechanism, variable speed paper feeding mechanism, automatic auxiliary paper receiving mechanism pneumatic sampling mechanism,automatic timing oil supply and lubrication,and main drive lubricant forced air cooling device.The machine can give ful play to its working efficiency during use.The upper cleaning waste frame has a large lifting space and is more ergonomic, which effectively improves the work efficiency of the operator in the middle frame when installing needles. The electrical components and transmission components of this machine adopt internationally renowned brands to ensure die-cutting accuracy and operational reliability during use.The electrical control system uses PLC and electronic cams to monitor and display the operation of the whole machine,which makes the machine fault diagnosis extremely convenient. The man-machine interface monitoring and display system is adopted.which has the functions of providing operation instructions, fault point detection anc display,and troubleshooting prompts to fully realize man-machine communication. The electrical box is cooled by industrial air-conditioning, and the electrical components can operate continuously and stably at a constant temperature.

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