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MicrocapsuleThis is a microcapsule product with a special thermochromic dye, which changescolor according to temperatures. The thermochromic dye causes the change of color by the heat-induced chemical structure change. Since it is very sensitive to the external environment, it is made as a microcapsule-type product for protectionand thus its repetitive durability is increased Thermochromic microcapsule has various colors. Because a temperature for changing color can be adjusted variously, you can properly choose diverse types ofproduct according to colors and temperatures
This is a microcapsule product with photochromic dye which changes its color by light. The photochromic dye causes color change reversibly by light. When it isexposed to ultraviolet rays (sunlight, It causes color formation, and when lightisblocked, it has its original color. Since it is very sensitive to the external environment, it becomes encapsulated inmicro synthetic resin with several um to hundreds um in diameter for protection andstability increase
pigment is one of the most popular high-tech products in the market. Optical chromotropic pigments are composed of optical chromotropic film fragments with specific spectral characteristics. Optical thin film color change is according to the principle of optical interference with multilayer film is designed with a specific reflection optical properties of optical thin film: it is made up of many different refractive index material, using high vacuum coating technology, according to the specific membrane structure design elements, accurate control and sequence of each membrane layer thickness, deposition in order on the same carrier and form.

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Vivid Color New Material . Technology co Ltd is the general agent of color materials lnsilico from south korea and Helicone from Germany in china main products are temperature inductive tamer phofosen sitive toner . Iuminescent materials anti-counterfeiting materials fragrance materials . materials chemistry paint and higt temperature ceramic pigment which are widely used all kinds of coating printing ink rubber printing . co smetics texiles . craft gifts accessories packaging . materials . and outdoor products etc.
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