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This series is an automatic model with automatic wire strapping. It is widely used in packaging plants, carton factories, printing plants, garbage sorting stations, professional recycling stations and other places; suitable for waste paper, cardboard, plastics, fabrics, fibers, household garbage, etc. The material can be used with assembly line and pipeline feeding method, realizing no manual operation. The equipment runs stably and has a low failure rate, which can help customers solve the problem of waste paper storage and transportation, and keep the workshop clean and tidy.
The waste paper discharge system is mainly designed for automatic collection and packaging of equipment that generates waste materials such as glue binding linkage lines, saddle stitching lines, glue packers, three-sided knives, and stapling machines in book printing plants. So far, the company has provided a number of large private printing companies and state-owned Xinhua printing plants with efficient and reasonable design solutions. The entire system runs stably, reduces dust pollution, improves waste paper recycling efficiency and reduces manual operations.
This product is a small vertical model with a wide range of applications. It can be used for recycling and packaging materials such as waste paper, cartons, plastic films, PET bottles, leather, and some fibers. It can be used in printing plants that do not generate much waste, and is cost-effective.

Company Profile

Nantong Jiabao Machinery Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer of environmental protection equipment and packaging equipment. The company owns modern standard workshops and advanced production equipment, and is a comprehensive enterprise integrated product design, manufacturing, sales and service. We successively passed I S O 9 0 0 1-2 0 1 5 quality management system certification, won the European CE safety certification, SGS certification, and get dozens of national patents. The company's series products are semi-automatic, fully automatic compression balers, we also could design and provide whole plant trim removal system for printing/packaging/carton industry.
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